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July 2011 Concert round-up

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

In brief, here are the highlights from the 8 shows I saw in July. Interestingly, it looks like these shows were all at different venues– doesn’t happen that often!

Best heckle: to a very pregnant Kasey Chambers: “Play all night!” followed by “Play ’til the baby’s born!” 9 July at the Birchmere.

Best aluminum-necked guitars: Torche, again. Yes, they tied in the same category back in March, but those EGCs are so gorgeous (and sound so awesome) that it bears repeating. 16 July at the Rock & Roll Hotel.

Best hand quiver; also, best New Jersey accent: Suffocation. 10 July at the Ottobar.

Best Long Island accent; also, most rambling stage banter: Mindy Smith. 24 July at Jammin’ Java.

Best new friend: Always nice to strike up random conversations with folks at shows; best one this month was at Children of Bodom. 15 July at Jaxx.

Best song about zombies: Buck 65‘s “Zombie Delight”. 21 July at Iota.

Biggest swing in interest level from opening act to headliner: In short, NYC’s Liturgy was awesome. I couldn’t wait for openers Dope Body to get off the stage. 5 July at DC9.

Worst guacamole: OK, so there wasn’t any guac at any of the shows I attended in July. But on my way to see Yob and Dark Castle, two(!) restaurants in Baltimore were out of guac, which made for a very growling tummy and a bummer of a night. It’s a shame, too, ‘cuz the show was otherwise really great. 17 July at Sonar.